It’s ovah

So sick of this non-existent war.

Dair is over. Dair should’ve never been. Dair is the reason GG earned the lowest ratings in cable television history. The story did neither of them any favors. It made them both look like immature, selfish assholes. Blair never loved Dan and lets be real, he never loved her either.

All it was was the writers taking their final detour to Chair endgame. The end. It’s a fact.

They’re over. It’s done. Thank goodness.

Blair will be all about Chuck and from the looks of it Dan will be all about Serena. You know Humps falls in love like I change my underwear. I almost bet that they will pretend Dair never happened (praise be) and go back to them being frenemies.

I don’t even know why this is still going on. Nothing anyone says, does, no matter how many anti abuse campaigns or hotlines you call, no matter how many Chair fans you stalk on Twitter or Tumblr, no matter how many times you cuss out the writers, no matter how many articles you spam. It’s not gonna change a single thing.

It. Is. Done.

Have some pride.

Build a bridge and get the hell over it. I’m sick of reading about it.

I’m not sayin, I’m just sayin, it would have been way better if Kristen cheated with someone named Jacob. All those team Jacob girls would be like:


Nothing pisses me off more than people excusing cheating by saying it was a mistake.

Forgetting to lock your car door is a mistake. Getting a math problem wrong is a mistake.

Cheating is a conscious decision made by two consenting parties who had nothing else on their minds but fulfilling fleeting desires. Cheating is the biggest betrayal of trust you can ever make in a relationship, it is not simply a mistake.

He’s so hot.

He’s so hot.

People cheat. It happens.

If the rumors weren’t true, someone’s rep would’ve denied it by now. This is a MARRIED MAN. Allegations of him cheating on his wife or KS being a home wrecker are serious business. It almost has nothing to do with “Robsten” but more of Kristen’s reputation. Please believe if this were not true, KS would have her reps deny it. Being accused of messing around is one thing, but with a husband and father? Not cool.

So yeah. I believe it. Where there’s smoke there is a fire. All of the Robstenites going on and on about how she’d never do something like that.. Guess what? KS is human. Better people than her have cheated in a significant other. People make mistakes. She is not perfect. It is also normal t be attracted to others while in love with another. If she acted on it, and I think she did, then that’s her bad. Her very very bad.

The lack of noise from anyone’s reps is very telling. I’m not the biggest Robsten fan, but I am a fan. I have followed them since the VF interview/video. I’ve read all the ridiculous pregnancy/marriage rumors. This just feels really different. No one is coming out to defend KS or deny it. This news has spread like wild fire..

Just sayin.


Been a closet Robsten shipper for years.. they are too fucking cute. The new pics/vids of them are making my heart burst. 

Call me a romantic, but I think they are the real deal. Marriage and babies and all that good stuff. :)

I love their story so much. Rob only auditioned for Twilight because he crushed on K in ITW. Kristen immediately wanting Rob to play Edward. The fact that she had a long-time boyfriend, and Robert didn’t give a shit. He still wanted her. Their early flirtations, their interviews where it was clear something was simmering under the surface. All of the rumors and tabloids. Kristen dumping Mike. The are they/aren’t they for months and months. How they slowly came out of their little shell. And now how they are madly, passionately in love four years later and don’t give a shit who knows it. 


Dair Fans.. Give It A Rest

You guys look more and more pathetic by the day. Can you say poor sport? Sorry loser? 

Smells a lot like desperation to me. Even your biggest media supporters are calling bullshit on your Abuse PSA campaign (excuse me while I go laugh my motherfucking ass off)

Give it up. Chuck is not an abuser. He had *two* incidents that could be considered “abusive” both of which he has apologized for and paid for. He lost Blair for two years over these incidents. He let her go for her own happiness. He bettered himself. He went to therapy. He is pretty much a brand new man with the same bad ass persona and, of course, he’s still one sexy ass motherfucker.

No one loves Blair the way Chuck loves Blair. Sorry, it’s a fact. And by fact.. I mean.. as in the writers and creators of the show feel this way and write it this way. A bunch of piss-poor assholes hiding behind their abuse argument isn’t going to change a god damn thing. If anything, it will make the writers write Chuck and Blair THAT MUCH MORE AWESOME in Season Six just to prove you fuckheads wrong.

Now stop stalking us. Stop stalking the media. You’re becoming a laughing stock, really. Tweeting Leighton about this shit? Pathetic much? Do you guys not have jobs or school or lives or friends? Family? Anything? I’m starting to just feel very sad for you.

This is the last I will say about the subject. I do find it funny your Dair friend Cadly Mack even shot you guys down, and called you petty. Now I will go bathe in Chuck and Blair love and look forward to the AMAZING FINAL CHAPTER of this FIVE YEAR EPIC LOVE SAGA. Woot woooooot!

Oh, P.S, would calling for a PSA about giant douche nozzles who cheat on their girlfriends with her BFF be too much? Oh, that’s right, I have a life and no time for that stupid shit. Forget I mentioned it. ;)



The only abuse going on within the Gossip Girl world is Dair fans bullying anyone who disagrees with them. I have never in my life seen such hypocritical bullshit. Do you not understand that a REAL LIFE GIRL killed herself over Internet bullying because of shipper wars?

THIS IS ALL FAKE. You guys stalk Chuck and Blair fans, the writers, the creators, editors, and pretty much anyone who doesn’t think like you small minded people do. Grow the fuck up. Go out and get a real life. Chuck, Blair, and fucking Dan Humphrey are fake. Blair NOT REAL Waldorf doesn’t need a bunch of no-life-having assholes defending her FICTIONAL honor.

You care so god damn much about abuse? Go fucking volunteer at a shelter. There are real life people out there that would LOVE to have someone so passionate defending their honor. I have never been so disgusted seeing such a serious real life issue thrown around and rubbed in people’s faces over a fucking teen drama on the CW.

Quit bullying people. Accept reality. Or don’t. Get a life. Or don’t. Just stop being fucking raging lunatics! Enough is enough for fuck’s sake!